Affordable Carpet in Palm Coast

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Stone Tile Floor in Palm Coast

The carpet is quite expensive and not everyone can afford to purchase carpet, especially the carpet made in Persia. We at House of Tile, Inc. offer a wide range of flooring solutions to individuals in the Palm Coast area. We have the largest selection of flooring tiles in the Palm Coast area, which you can use to replace your carpet flooring. Those seeking something more appealing can check our wide range of laminate flooring, the designs of which resemble a carpet. You can replace the carpet flooring of your office or home with the awesome selection of ceramic, marble, and decorative flooring available at our Palm Coast store. The advantages these floorings have over carpet is that they hardly require any maintenance and they do not gather dust or spores like a carpet.

Replace old carpet, with new carpet

You can also select some of the best granite countertops in Palm Coast from our showroom. Our friendly sales personnel will explain the advantage of using different types of flooring over that of using carpet. Coffee, tea, and other spills damage a carpet extensively, ruining it color. This is not the case when you use granite flooring purchased from our Palm Coast store. Flash floods in Palm Coast might permanently damage your carpet. You can clean our ceramic flooring by wiping it with detergents. We also offer installation services for our own flooring in Palm Coast. Maintain the décor of your home by replacing your carpet with our flooring solutions.